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Fight the menace of Air pollution with mobile apps

Now you can know about the quality of air around you at any instant of time by using mobile apps. Carry the air pollution detector in your pocket and make life easy.
Finding and understanding the outdoor air quality has not only been made easy but real time data is now readily available at your finger tips.  World AQI Apps has made this possible.  Download the app on your mobile device and get instant access to information related to the various aspects of outdoor air of over 3000 cities across five continents.  Like the weather, the quality of air keeps changing frequently and all such fluctuations are effectively captured by this app.  High level of air pollution has been a concern for all and the regular alerts about AQI reminds about doing something that can keep the air quality index at acceptable limits. The information can help to plan your outdoor work at times of favorable AQI.
The internet and the media including news papers, radio and television publish the air pollution information for the public. AQI forecasts on E-Mail are also available. Next day’s AQI forecast are also available for some cities in the US.  But none of these are real time information.

A holistic approach

We have packed the apps with extensive features that include weather forecast for the next 3 days, air pollution tutorial, and statistics for the last 3 years and information about travel destinations. The app aims at holistic involvement of people for the cause of making our planet green and it links the buyer to planet protection programs and other initiatives of renewable energy by way of contributing themselves to reforestation programs. Special messages are displayed for kids air, asthma air quality, pregnancy air quality and the air pollution index for the elderly as they form the sensitive population that needs extra care and caution.

Educating people

The app aims at increasing awareness about air pollution through the Air Pollution tutorial that can give answer to many questions about how your city compares with other cities, world AQI, what is the AQI scale, and what are the different levels of its tolerance, how to set your AQI level and so many other questions that that keep on coming to your mind. You learn about particulate matter, the world air quality, what PM 2.5 and PM 10 means with respect to world air pollution and a host of other issues. You are informed about the air pollutants and AQI and even come to know the method of calculating it.

The display features

When you focus on any individual city, you see a vivid picture of that city on your screen. At the bottom left hand side, you can see the level of AQI of each pollutant displayed with the overall AQI shown in the bar mentioning the degree of its severity. You can set alert for AQI and also view the statistics of the past AQI levels. You can get a list of all cities with their respective pollution indices and weather forecasts on real time and if required you can share the screen with your friends too. There is a separate screen for setting AQI alert level notification that can be done automatically or manually. Not stopping at it, you get recommendation for the kind of activity that would be suitable for the condition.
You will be carrying live data about your environment’s air quality wherever you go and can position yourself in a better way to combat the menaces of air pollution to stay healthy. Of course, you get associated with other eco grandly initiatives when you buy this app. It is great way to stay healthy and also keep the earth green.

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