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Over 3000 International Cities

Sensitive population messages: Kids, pregnant women, elderly, asthmatics.

  • 5 continents
  • Last 3 years statistics
  • Air Pollution tutorial
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  • 3-DAY weather forecasts
  • Travel destinations information
  • Fix your pollution alert level & be informed realtime.
  • Engage in renewable energy: 20% of the App revenues goes to WWF
  • 3752 AQI sensors worldwide
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    We regularly hear Radio and TV news about Air Pollution Peaks giving AQI level alerts & measures to be adopted by citizens such as reducing their vehicle speed, avoiding intense outdoor activities or paying specific attention to sensitive pollution with lower respiratory capabilities.

    However we typically do not understand :

    What are the different AQI levels? Is today really bad? What is the AQI scale?
    How does my city today compares with other countries or major known polluted industrial cities ?
    What are the consequences on my health ?
    How should I behave ? What shall I do to prevent my kids from being too much exposed, what about sensitive groups or my sports plans ?
    How is today compare with the rest of the year in my home town?
    What are air pollutants, can they be simply explained to me ?
    How can I know earlier about the pollution alert ? and forecasts in the coming days ?

    World AIR bring the answers: AppStore/WorldAir

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